Lean and Testy

Well, I finally got the vendor to do the test reports the right way [read: mine].

I also was trained in “Lean Office” today.

Over lunch.

In a half-hour.

Somewhere, Anthony—who, if you don’t know him, trains 5S and Lean Manufacturing for the Alabama Technology network, in addition to being a good friend and former roommate of mine—is laughing his ass off. [Ant-Dawg, it was actually one of our people who led the training; the A&M folks had put a training session together for our training people when we started doing 5S and Lean Manufacturing back six months ago, so our Training folks are now training us. Talk about the blind leading the blind …]

I think it’s got a lot of promise, but I’m remaining skeptical as to how well we actually adopt the processes as a company. We have a lot of … individuals … around here. [I am one of them, admittedly.]