Dial-up Makes You Appreciate Home

Folks spend their holiday weekends in their own particular … idiom. Me, I go all over the mid-South.

I took off from work early on Friday afternoon—nothing was happening, so I felt no guilt!—and went home to grab a nap. I didn’t sleep well at all the end of last week–probably because whatever’s blooming—maybe a hydrangea? Dammit, Jim, I’m an engineer, not a botanist!—right outside our apartment is, well, blooming.

And blooming.

And … yeah. I find myself coughing and sneezing a little more, and my quality of sleep goes down. Fun times.

Saturday was a lazy day, although I’d intended to follow Leonard’s lead and do some cleaning. [Our kitchen, dominated by Leonard, is clean for the first time in … a while. Nice to know that someone besides me remembers how to do dishes. ;)] I took a nice Saturday afternoon nap—my Friday nap had me up until 0300 Saturday morning, like a moron—and then headed up to Nashville to see Sandra play at 3rd and Lindsley. [Note: Trey Lampley is dead to me for saying that he was going to the show and then not showing. Punk.] Seeing Sandra and Derek was as enjoyable as it always is, and even better was all the scoop I got on both their records. 😉 [Yes, I’ll spill it soon.]

I was going to stay until the end of the show—Buddy Miller was playing, and Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris were on the docket to join him for a song or two, le sob—but I realized that I was tiring, so I paid my respects to the McWebbCrackens and made my way back home to Huntspatch. I got home around 0100, which really isn’t all that late for a Nashville show.

I got up this morning around 0730—groaning—so that I could be awake enough to teach Sunday School. I got down there in time to discover that we had all of eight kids in attendance, only two of whom were junior highers. I let Ben teach both of them, and I headed back home to putter around before hopping in the truck to come up to Tennessee. I’m here visiting the folks on an impromptu visit, especially since Dad turns 59 on Wednesday. 😉 As I type, there are good West Tennessee rednecks firing off gunpowder, making sound and light.

Gotta love freedom.

Gotta hate dial-up, though; my six browser tabs move sooooo slooooooowly. One of them is researching BellSouth’s DSL Lite, though. 😉


  1. Well, I’m actually serious about doing this, I’ve got a fireworks store about 1000 feet from the entrance to my Community. I think I had probably better buy them before I head back to H’ville as they are easy to get right now. Which reminds me, I really need to get the A/C fixed in my car. Now if I could only find my Visor. *sigh*

  2. So you don’t want to surf on my pretty much all the time connected at 24-26K dail up connection? And yes, we have talked at great lengths with the phone company about our lines. To put it nicely, their idiots.

  3. Well, what do you suggest?? I could probably just try to grill it, that would be less messy, but it would probably ruin the grill… Scratch that.
    And I was in hte same boat not too long ago, before BS wired my side of town for DSL. Although DSL still isn’t available, I can at least connect above 30K. In fact, at the moment I’m zippping along at 46K… OH! The luxury!

    BTW, found my visor.

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