Crown Him with Many Crowns

Yesterday, I cracked a molar in half.

Next Tuesday, I get a crown on it.

Sometime later, I’ll be getting a crown on another tooth—possibly joined with a root canal—to balance the crown on the other side.

Oh, and the dentist also said that the aftereffects of the supernumerary that I came in about eight years ago—and was removed swiftly, I might add—have given me a crossbite. Yes, I’ll be seeing an orthodontist soon.

I think the reaction for all this is, “Dammit.”

For the record, though, I’m not in any pain. I would think that having half a molar would be painful, but it’s not. I’m quite surprised. :shrug:


  1. Talk to Sean. He can completely sympathize with all of this. When it came time to pick insurance out here, dental wasn’t even a question, it was a requirement.

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