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From time to time, every Weblog sees someone coming in from a search engine and making a comment that is no longer … how you say … timely.

For example: I wrecked my truck almost two years ago, and someone today searching for “totaled WRX” found my entry and urged me to buy a WRX wagon. That’s not real timely.

What I’m thinking would be nice would be to throw a banner up by the comment box that tells the user, “Hey! This is an old entry!” if the entry’s older than N days. People are going to ignore metadata like date published, etc., in these situations, but something that would [tastefully] stand out and say, “Yoohoo!” would be good.

I ran the idea by Alex, and while I at first suggested a JavaScript powered popup, he steered me towards a function in PHP. I think this would be an easy WordPress plugin to write, and so does Alex.

I’ll throw this on my idea pile, but if anyone wants to implement it up before I get to it—which, given what I’ve found out about work in the last, oh, four hours, could be … 2006—feel free! Don’t give me credit in the plugin, but a link on the download page or in the WordPress wiki would be nice.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go home and do something completely unrelated to a computer for a while.


  1. Alex: Who’s the prince now, chief?

    Todd: Unfortunately, no; I think someone may have written a plugin for v1.2+ that does do this, but I’m not sure. That’s certainly a good bit of functionality to have as well—it’s something that Greymatter had waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1999 or 2000.

  2. Solutions to problems like that don’t come easy to guys who know as little as I do about weblog and setting them up. I don’t know Jack. Geof and Sarah did all the work for me.

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