Angel Watching

Last night, I caught up with where I started in watching Angel, thanks to TNT‘s broadcasts of the old episodes. Reading City of Angel pales in comparison to actually watching episodes.

The rewarding thing was not only closing the loop on most all the story arcs—I missed a couple eps in Season Four, and I’ve still not seen much of Season Five—but also in canning a Season Pass on my TiVo. I have like 20. I need professional help.

If you take away my Law & Order Season Passes, though, we are so throwing down.


  1. Law and Order Season passes is the reason for needing two TiVo’s, right?

    I can only keep up with maybe one everyday series at a time. For now it is Crossing Jordan since we missed the whole second season (we opted for CSI Miami instead). They’ve got it on A&E daily, so it’s pretty cool.

    We’ve still got what I believe are the Angel Season 5 discs at our place if you’d like to get them sometime.

  2. Let’s see …

    1. L&O SP for NBC, first-run only.

    2. L&O:CI SP for NBC, first-run only.

    3. L&O:SVU SP for NBC, first-run only.

    4. L&O:CI SP for USA, reruns and first-run.

    5. L&O:SVU SP for USA, reruns and first-run.

    It’s all about getting my RDA of the doink-doink. [That, and Mariska Hargitay. ;)]

    Actually, I’m doing okay with my 40-hour TiVo; I pretty much have to blow two hours every night unwinding from work, so I do that with a couple or three hour-long shows. I’ve been watching Angel first thing when I come home, but now I’ll probably move on to the backlog of other stuff I have.

    For the record, there’s no way that I dare try to keep up with original L&O on TNT. They must run four episodes a day. It’s insane. Of course, I’ve seen half of them anyway. :twitch:

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