Another Incremental Site Upgrade: Shorter Sidebars on Individual Entry Pages

I don’t know about you, but when I link to a single entry in a Weblog and see a sidebar that’s five times the length of the entry, it annoys me. That means I’ve spent a lot of time annoyed at!

Not anymore. I’ve modularized the menu into two include files: one with the linklist, the other without it. I then created a copy of index.php and edited the menu out, replacing it with an include(); statement pulling either the full or brief sidebar. This should improve the speed at which individual entries load as well as removing the unsightliness of an overly-long sidebar.

You may thank me now or later, as long as you thank me.

[If you’re curious as to how I had to make WordPress integrate with this, I simply had to change the entry in .htaccess for /archives/ to use my singleentry file rather than index. It’s a one-line code change.]


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