D.D.S. isn’t for Drilling, Digging, and Screaming

Today’s dental experience has to be the easiest time I’ve had of things in, well, a long time.

I’m absolutely horrible to numb, but the last time I had some dental work done, we figured out that novacaine doesn’t do crap for me. My new guy used some different stuff, and after four or five injections, I was good and numb.

My temporary’s in place now, and it feels awful strange; however, the final won’t be metal, but rather porcelain fused to metal.

I amused the dental assistant by telling her what was wrong with some of the mechanical parts of the X-ray equipment [it wouldn’t hold position–worn bushings]. She was a bit bewildered, and then I admitted to being an engineer. She was also surprised that I’d done a bit of research and actually knew something about the procedure.

I’m beginning to feel that engineers are the intellectual equivalent of the Marines—once an engineer, always an engineer. :sigh:

Now, back to work…


  1. You should have asked. I have several crowns and am in the process of getting two others.

    I believe I fell asleep the first time I had a root canal in preparation for a crown.

    The only time I have ever felt wierd in a dentist’s chair was the one time I had nitrous oxide — I felt peppermint. That’s correct, I FELT peppermint from the top of my head to my toes.

  2. I know that the both of you have had several of them, and as a result, I wasn’t terribly worried. But you can ask Mom about the frustration that our dentist in … that town we don’t discuss living in … had in trying to get me numb. Ten injections of novacaine, and I could still feel an excavator being tapped on the tooth. It’s insane.

    I’m working on being relaxed around this guy, but the only problem I had yesterday was that the chair was awfully narrow, so I had to tense up to not slide from under him. 😉

  3. Since “blur” seems to be a waning world, I thought I’d check here. This is usually too technical for me, but some things (like this) I can keep up with.

    The new DDS sounds promising, huh?

    Once an engineer why would you ever want to be anything but an engineer?

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