Ear-Splitting Sirens

The severe-weather siren for this building is just down the hall from my office.

I’ve been to rock concerts where my ears didn’t hurt this bad afterwards.

It didn’t get too bad right here around work, but I don’t know what it was like elsewhere. After a little longer, I’m going to brave the remainder of the storms and head home. I wonder if there’ll be trees down on the mountain? Could be fun.

If they don’t shut the siren off soon—it’s been giving the all-clear for five minutes—I’m cutting the damn wires.

[Postscript: in all this, I did find that NWS Huntsville has their reflectivity radar data online. If you have Java, you can see the last hour or so of Huntsville’s radar data—well, it’s from Hytop, which is a half-hour ENE of here.]


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