I just got an attempt to spread an Outlook-specific virus from a domain in my work email INBOX. This made me giggle uncontrollably: Boeing’s always giving me a hard time!


  1. We get IDC in September, in theory anyway. That’s something… right? 😉

    Yeah milestones here and there is the closest thing to a delivery I get. Definitely happy for Stephen though!

  2. Initial defensive capabilities. The date was set by the President. And do note that it is “initial.” 🙂 I think we’ve still got a cnn thingy tivo’d that mentions it.

  3. Actually, I think that may be more like our RR’s (Release Reviews). We have one of those coming up in about a month for the latest build. I believe that IDC is when the President can say “Hey, look GMD works!” And everyone will vote for him in November because he could announce that. (I will note that I’m still learning, so if anything I say here is incorrect.. oh well)!

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