Youth Week

It’s Youth Week at church, and as a result, I’ve cleared out a bunch of things on TiVo’s To Do List purely because I’m not going to care about my nightly recordings of Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter, or Outside the Lines Nightly. I’ll probably keep up with pulling Northern Exposure episodes off of the TiVo, purely because they’re “Keep Until I Delete” items that will push other stuff out of my recording queue, and that would be a Bad Thing™.

In other words, this week will be like my college days all over again—going straight from work to $extracurricular_activity with no stops in between, getting home after 2200 to do whatever I need to do before starting over again in the morning. It would be worse if I were going to Atlanta with the kids on Thursday and Friday, but unfortunately, I can’t get away from work right now.

If’n you’re trying to get in touch with me for the first half of this week, good luck. I’ll have one foot in the road the entire time.


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