Latitude and Longitude for Huntsville, Alabama

If you use WordPress and want to know, “What’s the latitude and longitude for Huntsville?”, I use:

34 degrees, 42 minutes North
86 degrees, 35 minutes West

In WP-ese, that’s 34.7269 and -86.567318.

It’s close enough for this government contractor.


  1. I’d point you to GeoURL, but they’re down now. I think the idea is to categorize Weblog posts by geographic area. If one had a GPS device, one could post lat/long data as appropriate for posts on road trips.

    The person I think that could most alpha-geek that would be Brian, what with all his trips abroad.

  2. Hi Geof,

    I searched for “huntsville alabama latitude” and clicked on your web site. It looks good and I’m amazed that you have a web site that fits my search criteria. I’m impressed.


    A. Jason Maycock

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