The Poopsmith Song

Rick, Jessica can stop looking at you like you’re crazy now. OtR has put The Poopsmith Song up on the Web.

Now you can play the song for her so that she’ll understand why we were laughing about it weeks later.

For the non-King readers, you really should go listen to this if you find little-kid [like, two-year-old] potty humor to be funny.


  1. You need to check homestar runner. add a .com. there is a character named the poopsmith. he is the most bizarre, although, all the characters are totally crazy. check strong bads’ e-mail. totally the funniest thing on the internet.

  2. you are so werd to crazy for me but you rok the song makes no sense and makes me feel veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery offended. i think you should make a new spong called daisy gal!it can go like this………..
    you takle a seed and plant it you put it in a pale and grow it over and over.

    you keep rocken and peace out to all my brothers in the world! 🙂

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