Sending Boudreaux in for Repair

After a long delay and a series of emails this week that have left me really frustrated—story to follow when the repairs are done—I have a reference number to send Boudreaux, my Dell Inspiron 8200, back to the manufacturer for a new laptop. I have to strip the unit down—removing even the HD!—so it won’t get done, but I’ll get it done this weekend so I can get DHL to come pick the unit up.

I might have gotten this done this afternoon—after all, I only put in seven hours on my timesheet this morning—but I’ve gotten wrapped around the axle by a couple different customers and have spent the afternoon gathering engineering drawings for my perusal tomorrow. I’m hoping to only have to bill three or four hours tomorrow.


  1. I will echo that exact comment. Dell laptops seem to have horrible reliability, but Thinkpads are built like tanks. Now, you do pay for that reliability….

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