Must Consume Feeds!

I need more things to read.

As a result, I’m scraping URLs from Matt’s portal and running them through my Feed on Feeds meat-grinder. I’ll probably be nice and update Ye Olde Sidebar today to reflect the deltas. [Who am I kidding? I’ll never get them synchronized.]

Maybe Anil is right, and we’ll be reading 10,000 Weblogs in a year or two. I could certainly manage 1,000; as it is, I’ve got 130+ feeds that I read, and since I skim a lot of them, well …

[UPDATE] So I lied; I’m actually documenting this. Oi.


  1. I currently have 70 feeds, but since I don’t have a job sitting behind a computer, I have found out recently that I need the weekend to get all caught up. Add in a slower than average dial up connection and I go through feeds even slower than most people. The number of feeds thing sounds like a good topic to post about. I’ll try to do so later this week.

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