4Q2004 Fun for X-Prize Watchers

Looks like two contestants will be making runs at the X-Prize early in the fourth quarter of 2004. This is good stuff: this kind of program should help to lower the costs of launching to Low-Earth Orbit, and LEO access is very important. At some point or another, everything going deep space has to get to LEO; if you can do LEO cheaply, you can then start trying to assemble things in LEO or at a LaGrange point, creating structures that you just can’t make on the ground.

Should be fun to watch this.


  1. Should I look up a lot to make sure one of these things doesn’t fall smoking into my back yard? 😮

    You know the Australians are nervous. First Skylab, then Mir, then the next generation of rocket jockeys.

    I think this will turn out for the best in the long run, really kicking the space industry in the ass … I just hate it for the first team that suffers the harsh reality of gravity.

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