CD Duplicator

From time to time, I have reason to burn many copies of one CD. [It’s all legal. Really.]

I sure could use one of these: I/OMagic I5252DE.


[Hat tip to Will from the .net forum.]


  1. We’ve got a device similar to this for my company. It’s only got 4x CD-R capability (it’s at LEAST 7 years old), but it’s great. 4 CD’s at a time, and it keeps a copy of the master on the internal drive. Makes burning 200 copies of a new application CD SO much easier. 🙂

  2. I could’ve used one of those when we were finishing up Prodigal Songs. Dual internal CD burners are alright, but my dual-burner setup kept crashing Nero – there were a lot of coasters from that run…

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