“No, in the back of the throat …”

Roger keeps getting funnier and funnier with this whole series. The latest is a parody of the Cave Scene. I lost control very early on in reading this because Roger invoked John Wesley, the founder of my denomination. The person he had invoking it was Kirk, who is probably one of the most staunch Calvinists I know. Methodists and Calvinists, well, we disagree on lots of things, so having Kirk read Wesley’s “words” sent me into a crying, laughing fit.

[At least Rick is finding this funny.]


  1. I’m glad someone is 🙂

    That latest one I think almost anyone can understand, not just people from RMFO.

    Once again, thank you very much for all the encouragement. Tomorrow, a whole new spin on “African or European Swallow” opening scene. It’s about as “inside joke” as any of them get. Hopefully it’s a funny joke, not a stupid one.

  2. He is. No jokes about engineering school, though your intro may be a little humorous regardless.

    “Halt! Who goes there?”
    “It is I, Tyrant Geof…”

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