Rafe Colburn’s Thought Experiment

Rafe Colburn posits a thought experiment:

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about the range of possibilities for Republicans who are dissatisfied with President Bush by trying to put myself in their shoes. …

The odds are very low that I’d vote for a Republican for President, especially if the nominee were an orthodox Republican. No matter how bad a job a Democrat does, I’d be very unlikely to vote to hand the country over to someone who I had fundamental philosophical disagreements with. …

So, I have to say that I can understand where many Republicans are on Bush, because I’d probably be in the same place if the President were an incompetent Democrat.

I think this is the situation where many Bush 2000 voters find themselves. I know that it’s true for me; I’ve liked how Bush has done some things, but I have some huge problems with the others—mainly stemming from keeping Rumsfeld and Ashcroft around while they rape and pillage civil rights and the military. [I understand each snake’s reasoning, but I largely reject their conclusions.]

That said, I haven’t been able to bring myself to consider voting for Kerry for very long. I’m not a Republican—I leave the party politics to my father and brother—but I did vote for our President in 2000, and I’m certainly not 100% in love with the idea of supporting him this time around. If you’re going to function with Bush’s leadership style—largely laissez faire with respect to your subordinates—it’s up to you to hold them accountable. Were I POTUS, I’d have canned Ashcroft and Rumsfeld a while back.


  1. I am not happy with the Bush administration, and am seriously considering a third party candidate that has no prayer of winning.

    However, if I don’t vote for Bush, that @$$ clown and that !@#$ing trial lawyer will end up stealing more and more of my money (before I get a chance to spend a dime of it). If those bleedin’ heart democrats cared so much, why don’t they donate everything they make (minus 25K- they can keep a little to live on)

    My principles or protection of my pocket-book, the test of my moral fiber is at hand…

  2. Okay, if you’re going to rip into the democrats, then what about Bush?! You think he doesn’t make a flaming @$$load of money?! You think he’d ever donate all but $25K of his money that he makes? Please…

  3. Again, I am not happy with Bush, but I will NOT vote for a democrat. I have a fundamental problem with their philosophy of stealing from one that worked hard, made good choices, and took acceptable risks to give it away to someone else that didn’t. Yes, this coming from a government employee that gets most of its funding from federal employee re-education funds. I didn’t design the system, but far be it for me to not take advantage of a screwed up system. I admit I fail the moral fiber test. If I were a true patriot, I would resign my post, go into private consulting, and protest all the government incombunt worker money, but that would involve additional personal sacrifice I am not equiped to yet make. God love the democrats. I think democrats are some of the best intentioned people on this planet, but their appeals to emotion and making promises that economically and socially are devestating, quite frankly, scare me. Not that Bush’s deficit is any better. The choice this election year is pay me now and later with the democrat, or pay me later with Bush. Not great choices.

  4. I guess I’m in the same boat as just about every other American that isn’t truely partisan. I would vote for a democrat for president if I really felt like he/she was a good candidate. But, Kerry/Edwards is not a good enough ticket for me to vote for them. On the other hand I’m not really happy with Bush and his administration either. I didn’t vote last go ’round, this time I plan to vote, but I have no idea how I’ll vote when the time comes. I honestly wish there was a republican primary. I don’t really like the idea of the republican party automatically standing behind the incumbent without testing the waters and seeing if the American people want someone else in office. I honestly think the republicans would stand a better chance of winning if they ran another candidate.

  5. Ha. Democrats appeal to emotion but the Republicans, who will be holding their convention meters from the WTC, don’t?

    All this election keeps reminding me is that I’m damn glad I’m Canadian.

  6. “Okay, if you’re going to rip into the democrats, then what about Bush?! You think he doesn’t make a flaming @$$load of money?! You think he’d ever donate all but $25K of his money that he makes? Please…”

    I’ve got to address this one because this whole idea really hit me when I heard President Clinton speaking the other night.

    As far as I have heard, the Republican party does not advocate the rich giving all that they have to help society. They follow the belief that through hard work, a person can make something for themself.

    When President Clinton spoke, he pointed out a program that would cost around 1 billion to fully fund. It would allow us to search every vessel entering our ports (not just a small fraction). By taxing just the richest 200,000 Americans, this could be paid for. The cost would be $5000 per person. For someone making millions (as Clinton himself admitted), this is not a big deal.

    That point hit home to me. And I thought, maybe he’s got something here.

    Then it hit me that this is ONE PROGRAM! Stretch this out to 80 billion in programs (the additional funding for a certain war runs about that much). Would President Clintion now be willing to fork over the additional $400,000 dollars to pay for these programs?

    A tax scale based on percentages is already designed to have the people who can pay more paying more. Yet, for the people who do make more, the percentage goes up and eventually the deductions are phased out. Where is the incentive to work hard?

    My views on this campaign is that I really am not a fan of either side. For several months now, I’ve been trying to listen to what John Kerry has to say and see if there is any possible way that I could vote for him….. so far I can’t do that. Not when I listen to an acceptance speech filled with expensive promises while at the same time promising a middle class tax cut and a balanced budget. How’s he going to do it? By tightening the reigns on higher income individuals and corporations.

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