Rafe Colburn’s Thought Experiment

Rafe Colburn posits a thought experiment:

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about the range of possibilities for Republicans who are dissatisfied with President Bush by trying to put myself in their shoes. …

The odds are very low that I’d vote for a Republican for President, especially if the nominee were an orthodox Republican. No matter how bad a job a Democrat does, I’d be very unlikely to vote to hand the country over to someone who I had fundamental philosophical disagreements with. …

So, I have to say that I can understand where many Republicans are on Bush, because I’d probably be in the same place if the President were an incompetent Democrat.

I think this is the situation where many Bush 2000 voters find themselves. I know that it’s true for me; I’ve liked how Bush has done some things, but I have some huge problems with the others—mainly stemming from keeping Rumsfeld and Ashcroft around while they rape and pillage civil rights and the military. [I understand each snake’s reasoning, but I largely reject their conclusions.]

That said, I haven’t been able to bring myself to consider voting for Kerry for very long. I’m not a Republican—I leave the party politics to my father and brother—but I did vote for our President in 2000, and I’m certainly not 100% in love with the idea of supporting him this time around. If you’re going to function with Bush’s leadership style—largely laissez faire with respect to your subordinates—it’s up to you to hold them accountable. Were I POTUS, I’d have canned Ashcroft and Rumsfeld a while back.


  1. I agree that I’m not particularly thrilled with the idea of John Kerry taking over the presidency. What concerns me more, though, is if Bush continues as president. Yes, John Kerry has a lot of expensive promises that he’s been making. So does every presidential candidate every year, because they know the majority of the public will not worry about how much it costs to fund these promises.
    On the other hand, we know exactly what Bush wants to put his money into and that concerns me even more. 80 billion dollars towards the war in Iraq?! I’m not prepared to vote for a president who is basing his campaign on “family values” that I haven’t really seen in the past four years and the war on terrorism or at least the public’s fear of terrorism. Keep in mind, too, that this is all coming from a defense contractor, so it would benefit me to vote for Bush just because my job would be all the safer. I’m not sure I’m willing to do that, though.

    And to Geof, I’m sorry, but I’m a contractor. I’ve dealt with lawyers, too, and no I’m not particularly thrilled with them in general, but I’m not going to lump all lawyers, including trial lawyers into a big mean bunch and say that they’re all bad. They’re not all bad. I’m not defending Edwards and the fact that he’s a trial lawyer. I’m just saying that if you’re not going to like him, find a better reason to not like him than that.

  2. I don’t see that George Bush likes Americans. He often seems distant, condesending and harsh when faced with regular joes and their concerns. The year he ran for office, the Republican convention was all about inclusiveness and how the party has changed. I wish I could say that I see that in action with the way the adminstration deals with Americans and their problems, but I don’t.

    I don’t like the consistant pattern of lies that have been told by this administration, many times when it doesn’t seem all that necessary to lie (I know there are some things about national security that I don’t need to know and frankly don’t want to). I know that all of politics is a good-ol’-boy network. I understand that in a lot of cases this is how things get done however, I feel like this particular good-ol-boy network is bleeding us dry. We have a war that 3/4s of the world hates and is spreading our millitary way to thin. Our economy is STILL in the dumper.

    So the question for me becomes, do I think we (as a nation & my family) are better off now that 4 years ago? I feel like I can answer that with a definative “NO”. The weird thing, is that I think I’m to the point now in my life that it’s not about being a Republican or Democrat (I have in the past identified myself as a Democrat as well as a Christian), it’s about who will make good decisions for my country and my family and I don’t feel like this man who doesn’t like the American people is making very good decisions for me.

    Oops, was that my soapbox?

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