Itinerary Confirmed

Thursday, August 19 – NASHVILLE TN(BNA) to PHOENIX AZ(PHX)
Flight 905 V
Depart NASHVILLE TN(BNA) at 07:15PM and
Arrive in PHOENIX AZ(PHX) at 08:40PM

Sunday, August 22 – PHOENIX AZ(PHX) to NASHVILLE TN(BNA)
Flight 2623 V
Depart PHOENIX AZ(PHX) at 06:05PM and
Arrive in NASHVILLE TN(BNA) at 11:30PM

Lucky dog that I am, I get to go see Sean and Katharine in two weeks. I can’t hardly wait!


  1. Mayhaps. The only thing I have planned for the three days I’ll spend there is our attendance at a D’backs-Reds tilt. [I’ll know whether it’s a Randy Johnson start in another week-and-a-half or so.] The rest of the time will be spent largely at the Morrill’s behest, as I’m sure they will be selling me on the wonderfulness that is Phoenix.

    [Like I’ll move. You people can’t get me to move out into the county!]

    I will also be scrupulously filming the Casa de Morrill for posterity.

  2. You are a lucky dog! It’s great out here! So great that you’re going to want to move. Well, okay, it’s not really great right now. It’s hot right now, but then again where isn’t it hot in the middle of August, other than the Southern Hemisphere.

    Yeah, we’ll be taking you on a tour of the local breweries. That alone will sell you on this place. We’d also like for you to meet Matt, Kara & Danny. They’re good peeps.

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