Fixing a Blunder

Now that my work day’s done, I’m fixing a huge mistake I made yesterday morning. I tried to use HTTP-Tunnel to connect to my IMAP server full time, but I failed, so I switched back to POP. Like an idiot, though, I didn’t go in and make sure that I’d checked the “Leave Messages on Server” box. I’d planned to take time last night and work on a temporary solution with my IMAP stash—probably going to leaving the last 30 days of mail online, and having the rest in a local folder—but when I got him, I found all of five messages available via IMAP.

I now have Thunderbird chugging away to move messages from my POP INBOX for each of the four accounts I fouled back to the IMAP INBOX. Just like at work, a 30-second mistake will end up causing me an hour. :shakes head: