Danny Ainge Hates Me

Gary Payton traded to Celtics.

I think I just flayed myself alive.

Not only did the Lakers rid themselves The [Really Busted Up, Full of Holes] Glove, but … but … but …

Danny Ainge is trying to kill me and Simmons. That’s all there is to it. [Addendum: Simmons seems to like the deal. I still think Ainge’s nuts.]

And that’s not all … the C’s get Mr. Vanessa Williams, too.

Stephen A. Smith calls this a trade for the future. What future season are you planning for, Danny—the next time that Halley’s Comet makes an appearance [2061]?!?!

Please shoot me.

[Bonus points for getting my Halley’s Comet reference. Double-plus bonus points for alluding to Fountains of Wayne while commenting upon same.]


  1. Shoot. I must be too young to qualify for the bonus points, ‘cos I don’t know the answer.

    Does the misspelling of appearance have anything to do with it?

    And since my grandpa is a big Celtics fan, I do feel your pain. Oh, for the good ol’ days …

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