Godspeed, Wayne

I found out yesterday that one of my old Boeing customers, Wayne Bart, had unfortunately passed away after an all-too-brief battle with cancer. Wayne was a former TBE employee, so unlike some of the people I’ve worked with, he had a feel for how this place works [and doesn’t work], and he was also very mindful that, while we were a subcontractor, we were also people. Why? Wayne was a good-hearted man: firm but considerate, with a ready laugh.

Godspeed, Wayne.


  1. I’ve got this little yellow bracelet on my wrist that says “LiveStrong” on it. It’s a symbol to show that I support the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but it’s also a symbol that shows somehow, someway, my life has been affected by cancer. It’s amazing and sad and hopeful all at the same time the number of people I’ve seen with these little yellow bracelets on their wrists some are just fans, many are touched by what the bracelet means, most know or have known someone who’s life was changed by cancer.

  2. I’ve been meaning to respond to this sight, as you might guess, I’m one of Wayne’s sons (#3). It’s amazing what google will kick up when you type in a name. I really liked the nice things you had to say, and I didn’t really know what affect Dad had on folks he worked with. Take care.

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