Swimming in Paper

My entire day—save for taking our co-op to lunch on his last day of work before he returns to Embry-Riddle for his last semester of tool school—has been full of people comign through my office left and right, riffling through piles of paper and asking me arcane questions.

I’m thinking about hitting the next one of them that isn’t my boss.

Don’t mess with my piles, yo. Now I get to spend the rest of the day re-piling everything.

Things are getting busier here. I think JSC has finally woken up to the fact that, um, we’ve not flown a Shuttle for 18 months, and if they don’t get off the ball, we won’t fly for another 18 months. I knew that someone would hit the gas at some point, but … whew.

The pay’s the same.


  1. Problem with the phrase “It all pays the same.” Exactly, whether you’re sitting on your ass surfing the net or working your tail off, “it all pays the same.” Not saying I want to paid less when I’m not doing anything but I would like to be paid more when I’m bust my butt. ….Is that a double standard?

  2. Oh, trust me, I hear you. On rare occasions when we’re really busy, we actually get overtime. But I figure the busy times balance out the slack times in this industry: they happen about on a 1:1 ratio.

    Your mileage over there in the roads-and-bridges world may vary.

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