Catching the Unit

SWEETNESS! I just ran the probable starters for the Diamondbacks for the next couple of weeks, and if everything stays on schedule, I’ll get to see Randy Johnson pitch on the night I’m taking Sean and Kat to see the Reds.

Awesome. The best starting pitcher I’ve ever seen live was Tom “Bulldog” Browning, before he broke his arm.


  1. I was hoping you would say, “My dogma pissed on my katma.”

    Except then I realized that Kat was involved, and that sentence wouldn’t have been very well received.


    (I need to curb my imaginative spirit)

  2. Yeah, Rover can’t run away fast enough from red heads in convertibles. zoom zoom!

    That’s cool if you get to see him pitch. That was the one part of the game I actually really watched was while Randy Johnson was pitching.

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