Positively Fall-Like

I’m pretty sure that Huntsville broke its previous record low of 54F last night. I saw 51F for Huntsville on The Weather Channel this morning as I caught up with where Hurricane Charley is.

Maybe I’m harping on this too much, but I’m so used to sweating to death in August that this is almost disconcerting. Now, I know I kept getting confused yesterday as to what day it was—I kept thinking that it was Wednesday—but man … it feel like it’s October outside right now. That’s not cool, man … October is Hockey Month, and just because we have cool weather doesn’t mean that there’s a game tonight.

[Can you tell that I’m in hockey withdrawal? I’m going to have to start watching games on ESPN Classic soon.]


  1. Matt: I’m more rabid about NCAA hockey than I am about the NHL. This would change if I moved to Boston, I’m sure.

    Sean: Just becuase you picked up Sean O’Donnell doesn’t mean I’m going to go ga-ga and wear one of those fugly jerseys. I used to scream at Odie at times, actually. [He knows more hockey than I’ll ever know, but hey.]

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