Why Cruft-Free URLs Rock

My friend Kari wrote an entry about how she views the Olympics, and one of the things she discussed was:

Another story that I love (and have searched InfoTrac and EBSCO for an article about . . . bonus points to any reader who can find me a link to an article about this guy) was from Sydney. There was a guy who came to participate in one of the swimming events who had very little swimming experience. He practiced in the hotel swimming pool. When he participated in qualifying events, it took him twice as long as everyone else to finish, but finish he did, to a standing ovation from the crowd. Watching the parade of nations on Friday, I thought they said he was from Ecuador (but I could be wrong), and that he’d been working on his time, but that he had some passport problems and he might not be able to make it to Athens in time.

Never one to turn down a challenge, I wondered … did ESPN’s penchant for cruft-free URLs extend back to the Sydney Olympics days? Indeed it does! I was able to find the overall Sydney coverage as well as the swimming coverage. Some time spent on the latter will undoubtedly turn up an answer to Kari’s inquirty.

Consistent, cruft-free URLs rock.

[Update: I found the man: Eric Moussambani.]