WordPress Amazon Wishlist Plugin

Daryl L. L. Houston has released a revision to his Amazon Wishlist plugin for WordPress. In looking at the XHTML generated by the plugin, I was a bit dissatisfied, so I’m going to modify it a bit—which I can do, since the plugin was released under the GNU GPL. I’m also going to see if I can forego the plugin’s desire to automatically drop itself after the categories listing.

For now, you will see one random item from my personal Amazon wishlist here on IJSM.org. Eventually, when I have tweaked the plugin to my personal satisfaction, I’ll release my revisions on my codelog and [likely] explain why I’ve done what I’ve done.

If I release something the teensiest bit better than what Daryl has already done, it’s because he did a lion’s share of the legwork already. [He would likely graciously say that the fine people at Amazon who built the Web Services platform have done a lot of that heavy lifting for him. I guess this is how open code is supposed to work, no?]

Again, many thanks, Daryl.


  1. Thanks for the credit, Geof. I’m glad you dig the plugin. My next revision was actually going to include making the plugin’s placement more flexible, but it sounds like you may beat me to implementing that change.

    Heh, regarding heavy lifting, I lifted two other bits of free code (on top of the Amazon API) to include in my plugin. All I had to do was tweak them a bit and format the output.

    Anyway, thanks for using the plugin and for the kind comment.

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