Holy Spam-Fighting, Batman!

Stephen just put a comment into my moderation queue, since he put two links in it. [I put the hyperlink barrier in WP’s moderation block at one link.] I then saw the bottom of the email:

“Currently 633 comments are waiting for approval.”


Wow. My SPAM box has been catching all the notifications because they’re so spam-riffic. Maybe I need to whitelist the SPAM notifications.

633. Holy crap. [Two of them were legit comments.]

UPDATE: I remember that Matt had mentioned this past weekend how to fight these attacks off:

How to delete them all? Comments Mass edit mode → Search for IP → Check all → Delete checked.

In my 1.2 install, it wasn’t “Check All” but, rather, “Invert Checkbox Selection”, and it was down at the bottom of the page. Hopefully the bottom-of-page check-all-and-delete options will be repeated at the top of the page, but either way, about five minutes later I had no more spam. It beats the crap out of clicking 631 radio buttons!

I think WP’s method of spam control—putting a barrier to number of links in a comment, if desired—is a heck of a way to go. Yes, eventually the spammers will go around that, but it’s another tool in the toolbox.