Missing the Unit

Le suck!

I thought I’d see Randy Johnson pitch on Saturday night. I won’t. He’s pitching on Friday. [I checked after Sean’s comment about Arizona’s suckitude factor had me go and look it up one more time.] I will get to see Brandon Webb toss for the Diamondbacks, though, and that’s still pretty good. I like his style.

Oh well. At least I figured it out before we got to the park. 😉

And yes, by the way, I am very ready to 1) get the hell out of town and away from work for a couple of days and 2) getting to see my beloved friends whom I haven’t seen in three months.

Except, of course, I think I’m going to take a little work with me. Some stuff cropped up today that is stuff I think that I can take and peruse on the plane or on Friday while I’m chilling at Sean and Kat’s house. It will keep me from spending too much time in the garage, lusting over Sean’s workbench and helping him hatch more evil plans. In 24 hours, I’ll be halfway there! 😀