Still wound up!!! I’m completely rudderless this morning, though. I’ve done the one thing I absolutely needed to do—pay the power bill—before I left town. Something else is stuck in my mind as something I really need to do, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is! Grrr.

Right now, I feel as if someone looking at me would see a nervous hamster eyeing a room full of hamster wheels, unable to choose the best one merely by visual inspection. Of course, I don’t exactly look like a hamster.

At this rate, I’m pretty darn likely to crash absolutely dead to the world on the plane. When I do that, I have a tendency to snore like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe I should have the stewardess hand out hearing protection to everyone in coach right as we board. 😉

I think I’ll try and catnap while I’m waiting for the last load of laundry to dry. The fitful four hours of sleep I had probably aren’t enough. 😉


  1. Luggage. That’s what you’re forgetting. Don’t forget to pack clean clothes and toiletries. We appreciate it when our guests take showers and stay clean. 🙂

  2. Katie:

    I have clean clothes and toiletries, wench! The only thing that I don’t have in is some shampoo, but that’s because I’m just about out. I’ll stop and get myself some in Franklin on my way into Nashvegas.

  3. Yeah, Kat, I’m beginning to wonder how well Rick really knows me. 😉 Thing is, though, he’s never known me as a sane person. 😆

    I do have a camcorder. I don’t have sunscreen. Good call. I’ll get that, too.

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