Great Late Night Windows Down Driving Music

If you need some great late night, windows down, driving music, let me heartily recommend Patty Griffin‘s Impossible Dream. Start on track 9, “Florida”, and throw it on random. Lather, rinse, repeat.

By the way, Impossible Dream is on sale at Paste Music for $10.99. 🙂

[I’m taking my CDs to Phoenix, and this will be the first thing I beg Kat to throw in the CD player as we go from PHX to Casa de Morrill.]


  1. Hey, look. I was the best man in your wedding, right? Don’t you think that I know who wears the pants in your family?

    Dammit. Now Sean is going to cup check me. 😆

    I’m absolutely giddy right now at the mere thought of leaving this craphole place. Thank you, Jeebus.

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