Wound Up

Man. I’m twelve hours from leaving for Nashville, probably seven hours from leaving for work in the morning, and less than 24 from actually arriving in Phoenix.

I just started the last bit of laundry that I have to do before I leave, and …

… I don’t think I could go to sleep in the next half-hour if I tried my dead-level best. I’m about as amped up as I was back in my hockey days; I feel like I should be driving through the night to get to Phoenix or something.

I don’t really, as a rule, take vacations; due to a glitch at work, I haven’t been able to for some time, as I went 60 hours in the hole for vacation by unknown means sometime between the end of the 02-03 hockey season—when I was pretty much at zero vacation time, having burned what little I had left after a taking a week to go on a mission trip in our trips around the country following Charger Hockey—and the end of 2003. I can’t get that glitch repaired, either, because we don’t have paper records at all.

I’ve resisted saying anything about it here for a long time because, well, I wouldn’t know what to do on a vacation anyway. I’ve already talked about taking some work with me. I’ve even thought about tying into Friday morning’s 0900 telecon [which would be 0700 Phoenix time], and the more I think about it, the more likely I am to do it. [Must stop thinking about that NOW.]

But right now … I need a vacation. I could just use a good week at home to do next-to-nothing, but three days with beloved friends who split town three months ago will suffice for now, and over Labor Day, I’ll go bother the other adopted sister and her boyfriend.

Good times.

[I’m still scheduling myself for a nervous breakdown next July. I’ll be saving up the vacation time, let me tell you.]


  1. If you’re not careful, I will be confiscating all communication devices when you land here in Phoenix so that you can’t be on that telecon. Vacation. If you don’t know the definition, look it up. 😉

  2. I thought about it this morning and said, “I don’t think I want to be awake at 0700 tomorrow.” Of course, considering that I’ve been up before 0500 Lima the last two days, well … whatever.

    I doubt I’ll call in. Will I bring some work stuff to peruse? Likely.

  3. I found working on a plane to be quite enjoyable on my trip out to Colorado. The efforts of that trip are to this day continuing to keep Byron, Jeff, and Stacy busy writing code 🙂

    But once you’re on the ground, relax! There is a reason that God rested on the seventh day… just imagine the nervous breakdown He would have had if he’d kept stressing over work 😉 From the beginning, we’ve known that a break is needed to rejuvinate us. Take that break… come back energized… and help the Reds beat the pants of the Diamodhacks.

  4. It doesn’t take much effort for any team right now to beat the pants off the Diamondbacks. Our baseball team sucks this season. May the Coyotes pull our city out of sports shame this fall.

    Oh yeah, and I completely agree with Rick. The reason you take vacation is to get a break from work. ‘Sides, after I get home on Friday, I’ll be ready for a break from work, so you won’t get a choice for the rest of the weekend after that. 🙂

  5. I meant for you to use that voice of yours! I can’t imagine there will be too many Reds fans hanging out at the park this weekend, so you’ve got to make sure and represent!

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