Red Breast 12 Year Irish Whisky

I have longer entries about my trip to Arizona that are forthcoming, but for now, I must say:

I am going to find a place to get Red Breast Whisky, and I’m not above ordering it over the Internet. I thought the Crested Ten Jameson’s Irish whisky that Sean and Kat brought me back from Ireland after their honeymoon was good, but this is even better. [Read: Stephen, when I get a bottle of this, I’m bringing it over to your house for a tasting.]

I had lots of interesting stuff to drink while in the Phoenix area—including visiting Four Peaks Brewery—but this took the cake. Thanks go out to the bartender—whose name I now forget—at Rula Bula who suggested that Sean and I try it.


  1. Got a bottle of RedBreast, as payment for working on a notebook PC. Yummy!
    I drink a lot of Crow Royal SR, but like a few single malt scotches, and some blends.
    I find this not as smooth as my Canadian, but much more complex. It’s smother than the single malts I drink (Bowmore, Macallan 15, Balvenie), but not as full bodied.

    Now I have a whisky/ey for any taste/occasion.

  2. Actually, Ardbeg Uigedail is officially the best whisky on earth. It’s Scotch and it has a complexity and character which is second to none. I find Irish whiskey too samey TBH, Scotch Whisky comes from over 100 different distilleries with a massive variety of differences in the water, landscape and processes and this is what makes every distillery unique. Unfortunatley for Ireland and it’s handful of distilleries it can’t compete with these distinctions and can only compete with itself in trying to make one smoother than the last. TBH If I wanted smoothness I’d drink beer or a light Speyside single malt.

    Scotch is the biggest selling spirit in the world for good reason, it is the best.

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