Crested Ten

I’ve had an exceedingly wonderful day, so I decided to finish it by having a glass of Crested Ten on the rocks. This delightful bottle of whiskey came to me via Sean and Kat when they picked it up at the Jameson distillery in Dublin. Their goal: find a bottle that wasn’t outrageously expensive yet could not be procured in the States.

They succeeded. This is outstanding stuff. It’s almost as good as Red Breast to my palate, but then I didn’t find out about Red Breast until I went to Arizona.

After we–myself, the Morrills, and Stephen, mostly—had finished sampling this fine whisky back in late ’03, I decided that I’d put in storage and hold the rest of the bottle until the Morrills’ anniversary. I picked up the bottle earlier today and realized that it was more full than I had remembered, so I decided to pour myself and a roommate a glass of it tonight as we discussed his women trouble. My glass was celebratory; his wasn’t.

“Jameson may stunt your emotional growth … but who cares?” —Geof F. Morris


  1. 1. I took pity on him.

    2. I know that you have women trouble, but you … you never open up to me, man! 😉

    3. Man, my interperonal communication with Leonard today via Internet has the makings of a cheesy-ass soap opera. Too much Big Brother, mayhaps.

    4. Saying that you have women trouble after this summer is a damned understatement and a half.

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