Weblog Fame

I always knew that my Weblog would make me famous.

Back in July, Steven Garrity posted a bit about phantom cell phone vibrations. I commented because I have these pretty regularly [a couple times a week, actually].

Today, a reporter for Bloomberg emailed me to ask if I’d be willing to comment on the record. Being an old amateur cub reporter, I easily assented. As Carla Jean says, “[Y]ou and I are the type of people that make for good interviews. We talk too easily.” [She should know; she’s interviewed me before.]

Hopefully I’ll get to see the finished article. 🙂


  1. I experience it at least once a day as well and often times my phone is not even in my pocket. I have experienced it while walking sitting it realy doesn’t seam to matter. I went on a trip this past weekend with two of my brothers and they experience the same thign. One of them experiences it in the opposite pocket where he keeps his phone. Both of them keep their phone in ring. I keep mine on vibrate. Why doesn’t anyone but me seem to think this is bad. I also get headaches on the side of my head where I talk. I have since got a hoster and an ear piece for my cell phone. Is there any research that has been done on this?

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