Hurricane Frances Threatens NASA KSC

NASA KSC is closed Thursday and Friday in anticipation of Hurricane Frances. As of now, Frances is projected to hit just south of the Cape, which would put the worst non-eye-wall winds right at its doorstep.

I’m really worried about the VAB:

The Vehicle As sembly Building, though relatively simple and conventional in construction, invited some unique design problems by its size.

When the Apollo/Saturn V and the Mobile Launcher are carried by the CrawlerTransporter from the VAB, they will leave through an inverted-T opening 456 feet high. The base of the opening is 149 feet wide and 113 feet high; the remainder is 76 feet wide. There are four such openings in the VAB, one for each of its four bays. To maintain the protective environment of the building, doors had to be designed for these huge openings-doors that could withstand winds of 125 miles per hour and could be opened and closed in a 63 mile-per-hour wind.

Frances is presently packing winds of 140 mph.

Hurricane Frances's projected track at time of posting

Close-in view of Cape Canaveral area


You can see that the Cape is part of that little promontory just to the north of the projected track.

I’m gonna go nuts watching this all weekend.


  1. Mom and dad are supposed to be flying to Haiti first thing tomorrow morning on a mission trip. They’re pretty sure they’ll be able to get down there. They’re not sure if they’ll be able to fly back, as all flights go through that part of Florida.

  2. yep i’ve seen this building and i always wondered why iit hadn’t nblow away yet. But yeah that sucks. But i Geof take peace in this. God is God. And if it is his will to wipe it off the map then it is his will.

    I look at it my boss gve me a week off and i am taking it.

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