Third Time’s the Charm?

I went in yesterday to have my temporary crown removed and my permanent—well, if you consider an 8-10 year life cycle to be permanency—crown installed. Thanks to the supernumerary that butted its way between the affected tooth and the molar in front of it, the gap was too large for my dentist’s liking. I started to protest that I’d dealt with it for years, but I thought better of it since he’ll want to do orthodontics later on and won’t want the gap there to put more strain on a crown [something says to me that you don’t want a crown as an anchor].

I had a second temprorary applied, and they did a piss-poor job on this one. Because I didn’t have a root canal prior to the preparation of the crown, that area was numbed during the temporary installation. There’s probably a .010″ gap between the gumline and the top of the crown on the inside of the tooth, which means that every swallow of liquid I take finds its way in there. That would be great if that tooth’s nerves were still numb, but since they’re not, that means that I get to have someone come in on a Friday and work on it.

Considering the number of work-filled weekends that I have, I don’t have a hell of a lot of pity.


  1. Stupid dental problems. My dentist wants me to have two crowns (two teeth I broke playing football in the park), but I don’t have the $700 per crown to pay the poor, starving Dentist…

  2. Happily, the hygenist who came in did a much better job with this temporary crown. We did it sans local anaesthetic so I’d know right away if it was good. That wasn’t the most fun in the world, but I decided that pain now was better than pain later when I’d have a harder time doing anything about it.

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