Creating New Addicts

Randy [making his first appearance on]: “So, you got it in, eh?”

Geof: “You bet.”

R: “You played it yet?”

G: “Nope. I’ll throw it in now, though.”

L: “Cool, cool.”


So began tonight’s Amplitude-fest. I’d say that this game is going to get a lot of play here at the apartment … probably more by my roommates than me, since they have more of that “free time” thing than I do.

Sean, you name the time. You can be the broken-down mule I ride just whenever you want, buddy. 😉


  1. Bring it on. I am the Frequency mastah, and I have no doubt I will ROCK AMPLITUDE just as much.

    As a side note, one of Misty and my good friends, Dan Schmidt, was a developer on both Frequency and Amplitude.

  2. Oh good, now I can beat your ass from across the country. Say nothing about NHL 2004 biatch.

    If you take it over there on saturday with the network adaptor, we could conceivably play against each other while you are visiting with the geeks.

    Are you pondering what I am pondering Pinky?

  3. Brain: I’d probably just take my entire PS2 over there. [Provided I could get my roommates to let go of it. They’re enamored with Amplitude. I think they spent all day that wasn’t spent in class or at work playing it.] Of course, as Misty notes, it’s Friday.

    As for NHL … you know who rules that school.

    Now we really need GT4 to come out so I can have my comeuppance.

  4. (From one of the roommates) Believe it or not, I do have other things to do besides play Amplitude all day. I think you are just angry because you know I could kick your ass at it anyday Geof ;). But I’ll agree, it is strangely addictive. Definately a nice addition.

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