“This is not the telecon you’re looking for”

Random Canadian: “Is this the [unintelligible acronym] telecon?”

Me: “Ummmmm, I thought it was the ARD Microfixture and SGI-to-WIF EVA interface telecon.”

$Canuck: “Oh. I’ll check my email and call in again.”

Me: “Hey, I’m only in here because my boss is on vacation. This is like the first day of class where you’re not sure that you’re in the right room and you ask the guy next to you what class it is and he replies, ‘Beats the hell out of me.’ ”

$Canuck: [laughter] “Okay, fair enough.”

Turns out we were the people in the wrong telecon. Actually, there was no telecon. I could’ve sworn that someone said something about droids, though …