Ready for the NFL!

I’m really ready for the NFL to start.

Wait, I thought Geof hated football?

No, I just hate college football. I love the pros. As a long-suffering Bengals fan, things are getting watchable again, and that’s re-kindling my love for the professional game.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to my favorite sports bar to catch the game tonight, just to soak it all in. [That, and I want some good Mexican food.]


  1. Wow, I’m just the opposite… I could care less about the NFL, but give me a good college game…
    Though, it probably depends on if your college has a half-way decent football team… 😛

  2. Last night was definately entertaining… was kind of hoping it would go into overtime. Oh well. Can’t wait for the Panther’s game… they looked decent in pre-season, so hopefully it will be a good year.

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