Not only did I buy my house from a very, very good friend—a friend who was, at turns, my orientation counselor, upperclass mentor, candidate for SGA President, SGA President and boss as his Chief of Staff, roommate, job application reference, colleague, fellow alumnus, groom in a glorious wedding party, graduate student observer as I was the guinea pig for his research, …—but the attorney who worked our closing is the son of the man that my boss replaced. Charles saw my yellow TBE badge and said, “Yeah, you might have known my dad.” Know him? Charlie Helms is a very good man, well-liked and -respected by his colleagues.

I found it pretty doggone cool that it turned out like that.

My favorite part of the whole event was when Charles asked us if we’d gone to school together; when we said yes, he asked, “High school?” PJ got that surprised look on his face that he always gets when someone says something outrageous, and I laughed as I always do at that look. “Ah, no … PJ is four years older than I am. He was my orientation counselor when I was a freshman.”

It’s a long, long time from Compass ’97 …