Project: Space Station

Open the pod bay doors, HAL. HAL! Open the pod bay doors!The last couple of days, I’ve been 0wn3D from a blast from the past: a game I played in my childhood, Project: Space Station. I don’t remember where we bought this in Dayton, but it was at some electronics store, and the title was down to $10. [Mind you, this is post-Challenger, and I’m fairly certain that we weren’t flying STS at the time. That whole event drove lots of people away from aerospace … it drew me to it. I never was a normal child…]

I still find it very playable. I remember some of the crew combinations for on-orbit R&D over 15 years later, which is really kind of sad when you think about it. Of course, the goofiest thing is that one of the crew slots is “aerospace engineer” … which is a title and a degree that I actually hold [regardless of how little true aerospace engineering I do professionally; an Industrial Engineering background would have better prepared me for my present position]. It’s kinda goofy to have my on-orbit AE take out an EVA pod—heh, wish we had those in real life!—and tool around up there. Kinda makes me want to go myself.


  1. When your doing research does it eventually switch off after something like 2000 staff hours because I have been researching cancer research and its a real equipment hog and I am wondering if eventually it will shut off and I can just keep going or what…

  2. Has anybody compiled a listing of what research projects need who & when? I’m struggling with the crop disease R&D project; made it through the first two milestones, and now I’m getting a “not enough of the right type scientists on this project” message.

  3. Has anyone got a manual for this game? I first plaid it on a 8088, although I crash every time I land It works fine on my 380Z Thinkpad. Someone should make an updated version that retains the original gameplay.

  4. Anyone have a current link for this game? My brother and I played the crap out of it like 20 years ago and I want to get it for him for Christmas. I don’t see any links here other than the underdogs link which is busted.

  5. FOR ANYONE who can answer, I have a question. As the link above is defunct, where can I download a copy of Project Space Station. Also, do I need to have a c-64 simulator? A few years back I looked into this but couldn’t get any simulators to work. Can I find a purely “PC-compatiblized” version of the game to download? If not, where is the best place to find a user-friendly simulator download?

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