I Feel Shame

Rick shamed me a little tonight; he mentioned that he’s doing a reading program where he plows through ten chapters of the New Testament a day, which cycles him through the NT once a month.

Wow … I could do that. I should do that.

That’s pretty sweet. It’s also laid a huge conviction on me that I don’t read my Bible as deeply as I should. :sigh:


  1. The credit for this idea is not mine, but that of Mrs. Nancy Wilson in her book The Fruit of Her Hands, which is one of the books that my brother gave us this year for Christmas. As I mentioned in my booklist, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the points in the book, but in total it made a lot of good points.

    That said, Geof summarized the plan completely. If you can devote enough time to read 10 chapters a day, you can read the new testament in around a month. The old testament takes a bit longer… but how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    One of the ideas is that there will be many days where you get very little out of your reading (such as when you’re reading Numbers and you’re seeing how many men of fighting age were in each of the twelve tribes). Don’t worry if you don’t get anything out of it that day… keep going. If you miss something in one reading, don’t worry… you’ll come back to it soon enough.

    I’ve found that it is immersing me to some extent in the word and it is much easier it seems with each day to pick it up and read.

    That said, it’s been very hard to get moving with this. I started it a few months ago and decided that the mornings are when I will read. There are some morning where reading is truly inspired by one thing… coffee. And some mornings that still isn’t enough.

    As I’m typing it, Jessica pointed out that she should feel some amount of shame since she doesn’t do anything like this and she’s seen me doing it now for a while.

    What is cool is that this is providing me with an opportunity to talk with people about this. Up until I mentioned it to Geof, I’ve remained fairly quiet about my reading… I haven’t wanted to boast about what I’m doing, and I really hope that this response does not come across as that. So now I’ve talked about this to both of you and to my mom about this. Who knows who else might read this comment and see that as a good idea.

    I’ve talked enough for now…. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

  2. erm, ahh, yeah, you’re a reading machine.

    actually, i think that we are supposed to boast to each other the things of the Lord, doesn’t it say that in the NT somewhere? you’ve read it most recently so i’m guessing you might remember. 😉

    after plowing through 2 bible studies with 5 days of homework each week for 12 and 10 weeks at a time, i understand that the only way it gets done is with the help and inspiration of Him.

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