Happy Medium

I made a minor idol out of grinding out a daily post here; clearly, I’ve taken time not to do that the last few days. Honestly, if I’d attempted to write something, it would have felt fake, because the last few days, I’ve been idling my spiritual engine. I’m sure that you can all relate to that.

I only ever tried to commit to a daily writing thing in an effort to let an audience expectation provide some kind of weird backdoor self-discipline. Pause with me for a minute to laugh at the efficacy of that concept.

I’ll have more when I have something worth pecking. Until then, friends, my hopes and prayers are with you.


  1. Your writing over here has been good for me as well (as the uptick in my comments can attest). Getting the ball rolling on these sorts of topics is tough, but well worth it once its underway.

    So whenever you feel motivated again, FoF will pick you up and I’ll be there to give my feedback 🙂

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