Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.

Overcoming inertia is a bitch.

Thankfully, it was really easy for me to wake up this morning … so off to Madison UMC I go.


  1. Yeah, Geof, I hear you. As you know, like so many others today, I have struggled with the whole church thing for so long, especially as one who went through two church meltdowns. I think when we came to Philly we had in our minds that this was a tabula rosa where we could take our time and finally find that “perfect church” (i.e., the one that fits all our personal fantasies for church). We never would’ve said it that way, but that’s probably what we were about.

    We finally settled at Liberti, at least partly out of exhaustion from the search. Now Liberti has many, many wonderful things about it. But guess what…it’s not our fantasy church! Yet we are there…and we have joined. I guess it comes down to accepting that church is family. You may rebel against your family for a while, but in the end, if you are a healthy person, you come back home and realize that warts and all…this is the family you have, and you invest yourself there…and find that they’ve asccepted your warts as well.

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