Well, today I joined Madison UMC. I was disappointed that we didn’t pull out the hymnal and do the full liturgy for membership, because I think that it’s quite important for the entire congregation to hear the pledge that each member of a United Methodist congregation must make when they join a church. It’s not a pledge to the UMC uber alles, but it’s a pledge taken to promise to follow God’s commandments and give Him what He so richly deserves.

Now, do we fail? Oh, yes. I failed my old congregation in any number of ways. I will fail Madison UMC, too—hopefully not in the same ways, though. [That implies that I haven’t grown any. I’d rather grow and find more of my own failings so that I may repent and conform more fully to Christ through that repentance—not so that I may be made a better person, but so that I may play a small part in the being made right of all things, which is all we are asked to do once justified through grace.]

Praise to our Father who sent His Son to love perfectly and take away our sins so that we may be reconciled.


  1. What, like work inside the church?

    Well … the chancel choir has already spoken for me. [I’m going to be there on Wednesday night.] I’d probably start helping out with UMYF—they’re between youth pastors—but all the rules regarding folks working with minors from the conference level will slow that up. I mean, I might could get them to okay it by having them talk with the folks at my old church, but the insurance folks might not care.

    I’m trying not to pick up too much too fast like some Baptists I know. 😉

  2. I have no clue who you might be talking about there 😀

    I’m getting a bit more used to it as this fall is progressing. There was just a ton of new stuff there all at once a few weeks back.

  3. I’m talking about your mom or something. 😉

    Yeah, I know how that all-at-once thing goes. That’s why I’m trying to take it slow [although I was accosted by more than a couple people after the service to join their ministry :lol:].

    I’m also amused that UAH’s VP of Advancement—whom Rick’s TBP people should know quite well—is also a member of MUMC. I remember when we did the interviews for his job …

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