Brokenness and Reconciliation

My friend Mark Traphagen—whom I had the pleasure of seeing on Friday! :mrgreen:—preached his first sermon at his new church on Sunday, and I think it’s very much worth reading.

I would feel it most tragic if you take this exhortation to reconciliation as a task list, as a duty to be performed. This is not a call to be better people or try harder. It is a call to the gospel, to falling on your knees before the King who wants to reconcile you to himself so he can call you friend. How can we possibly have hope that our anger and bitterness and selfishness can be broken and healed? Because Jesus himself took the wrath and anger of the world upon himself when he went to the cross.

Can’t wait for the audio, Mark. 😀

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  1. Thanks for the link, Geof…glad it ministered to you. My church’s web site appears to be down right now, but I don’t expect the auido file is up yet. Normally the sermon is up by Monday, but the guy who does that is away this week. I’ll post as soon as it is up. The audio varies in minor points from the manuscript…mostly more (too many?!) illustrations.

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