Support Bad Behavior 2!

If, like me, you get a lot of utility out of Bad Behavior, support Bad Behavior 2 financially! Michael made a compelling argument for me to support him financially, which I’ve personally found is all people really need to support you. [That’s a whole other entry, really.]

I brought Michael 5% closer to his goal. I hope there are 19 other folks like me who want to homestead the noósphere.


  1. Homesteading the noósphere, now that’s one way to put it, I suppose. 🙂 Thanks for your contribution. There haven’t quite been 19 others yet, but we’ll see what happens; it hasn’t even been 24 hours.

  2. So I currently use Spam Karma with no complaints (it blocked between 400 – 1000 spam a day and I only rarely get comments that need to be moderated). I’m ready to be convinced that Bad Behavior is a better product though… does it do something in addition to what SK does? I looked at the site, but I’m not sure I understand the technical “stuff”.

  3. Lara: I use both; BB sniffs the page requests that the spammers make and blocks them from even accessing your site to leave their spam. If you know what you’re looking for—and in logging data, Michael’s algorithms typically do—you can stop most all of the bots. It makes SK work a lot less.

    I’ve found in the long time I’ve been trying to prevent comment spam on Weblogs that there is no silver bullet, and that you need multiple defenses. BB is the artillery; SK is the tanks.

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