Beginning Keyboarding

I think the hardest part for me, as a Mac newbie, has been adjusting back and forth between the keyboard shortcuts I use in Windows and what I use in OS X. I’m very much one for using the keyboard as the primary input device—I like keeping my hands on the keyboard and using the mouse as little as necessary—and swapping between the two is a bit of a sticking point with me.

Consider today: I’d been using a Mac exclusively since lunchtime on Wednesday, and that was enough time for me to become wholly ingrained with all the Mac shortcuts. It took me almost an hour to remember that I was in PC world. Similarly, when I got home tonight, I found that it took me a half-hour to remember that I was indeed home and using my Mac.

I’m hoping that swapping back and forth between the two gets easier for me, especially when I fire up my home PC again later this week. [It’s been off over a week … the last time it went that long, I’d just moved into this house.]

Does anyone else find switching platforms difficult? I’m hoping that my purchase of a dedicated keyboard and mouse for the mini will help.


  1. Every once in a while, I still get mixed up [mostly on my work PC], but I’v efound that I get better over time.

    And as I’m sure is clear, my previous comment is null and void. Quicksilver is an extension of my brain. I long for Cmd-Space on my PC. [Okay, that’s a lie … I long for an Intel Mac that I can have at the office and run in Parallels when absolutely necessary. Heh.]

  2. Ahhhh, yes. You have your Mac Kool-Aid mustache, too. [I had that thought this morning: a new ad campaign for the Mac, with folks sipping a Kool-Aid like substance out of a cup with an Apple logo on it, all having Kool-Aid stained upper lips. “Got Mac?” Pokes fun at our cult.]

  3. I’m just starting to use Spotlight. I’m still easing into Quicksilver. For what I’m doing right now, Spotlight works, but I foresee the power of Quicksilver coming quite handy.

    (I picked up Parallels, but have yet to install it.)

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